Sunday, August 12, 2007

How To: Behave Inside the Elevator

(Part 1 of 2)

Some of you ride the elevator as a daily routine that even if you just need to go two floors up or down, the initial desire is to look for a vacant pulley. Why not? It is the most comfortable option next to nothing. In fact, we feel so comfortable that we tend to forget that even inside the elevator, we need to practice etiquette.

The elevator is where people with different orientations flock together. So whether you are the most popular person in your neighborhood, a member of a royal family in the United Kingdom of Tondo, or Gretchen Barretto, you can make this world a better place if you can act in such a way that other people would feel respected or valued as a divine creation or at least as human beings.

Be Generous. We all know that you’re in a hurry and needs to Bundy as soon as possible, but you have to stretch your patience a bit longer by pressing the open-the-door button if you see somebody approaching the elevator. Don’t embarrass the poor soul to everybody else around by letting the door closed itself when he is just a few seconds late.

Always Face The Door. No matter how crowded it is inside the elevator, make sure that you’re facing its doors while it is taking you to your ultimate destination. Never face the rest of the crowd unless you want them to discover a new planet next to Planet Zit in the universe disguised as your face.

Don't Fart. If you feel that something odd is gaining power inside your tummy, you can save yourself from embarrassment by letting that fart out before going in for the ride. Or if you’re inside the elevator already, try to hold on for a second. Please be considerate to others as this is undeniably gross.

(To be continued…)

(This article was originally posted by Reyville for Simply Manila. Can I be the "How To" guy for this blog? HaHa. Just kidding, seriously kidding.)

- Reyville of Simply Manila, Philippines


dYu said...

ayos! (nice!) kelan ang labas ng karugtong nito? (when will the continuation be published?)

at... (and...)

paano sumali dito? (how do we join here?) may requirements ba? (are there any requirements?)


Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Hey, Dyu, THANKS for dropping by. I'll publish the continuation right after a new post will be posted.

Well, as u know, United SEA is aiming to unify, as much as possible, all bloggers from Southeast Asia "with a vision of encouraging budding and emerging new bloggers to actually ticking their keyboards to write about something that may prove to be vital for everyone to read and to know." (U can check the oldest post for more info.)

To join, simply leave your e-mail address at any, if I'm not mistaken, comment pages. U will receive an e-mail to join the blog and can start posting then. I hope I've given u enough information. Ciao.

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