Friday, October 19, 2007

Zeitgeist 8

I chanced upon this the other night from a blog I don't remember anymore.

Whatever your political opinion is, or even if you don't have one, watch this video. It's worth knowing the truth, if in case it really IS the truth. And if it's not, at least you know that things could be worse.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Penny For This Thought

It's been weeks since a good friend, Steve, first heard of me being broke. It's nothing new to me, really --- being broke. I've always been reckless with my finances. And I'd have sporadic moments of guilt here and there but it never really bothered me. But on Saturday night, when everybody was out and having fun, I was at home, being punished for overspending AGAIN. that night, I knew I just had to admit: My recklessness is getting way out of control!

So this good friend once mentioned that he was willing to be my financial planner. But we were drinking that time and we were humoring my spending habits so I didn't think he was serious. And I would guess he didn't think I was serious about my problem either. I talk about it all the time that it has probably lost its "value". Almost short of saying, it's already become a joke.

To cut the long story short, Steve offered again tonight. And he seems to be serious about it. He seems to already know which of my expenses are unnecessary and how much I REALLY am capable of saving. I am impressed, really. It almost seems to me like he's reviewed my financial profile all those nights we were out getting hammered and trying to get a decent lay.

Immediately before I started writing this blog, we were chatting online about this. It got me quite excited and here's why---

He doesn't ask for anything unreasonable in return. Nothing unreasonable --- not even sexual favors from me or any of my friends *winks at Steve*. He knows his Math. He will educate me on Excel. He promised he will never ask to be the sgnatory of my bank account. He doesn't intimidate me with all those sickening financial jargon. He talks sense. And an observation based on friendship, he is rational. (Too rational in fact, that he overanalyzes even matters of the heart)

But come to think of it, all the basic principles that he's mentioned from the first time ever that we talked about money, I've already heard and read about. His offer is just more difficult to resist because of his scientific approach. Hello! Microsoft Excel! Well, that and the fact that I've come to a point that I know that I really have to start doing something about my finances.

Then he said it. What I knew was the ultimate solution but wished he'd be more scrupulous in telling me --- I'll have to be ready. More than anything, it's a complete change in lifestyle. That means cutting down on shopping, abstaining from too many night-outs, and less rendezvous with Collins. It's quite daunting, I must admit. But it's necessary.

The thing is, my willpower, valid reasoning and sound judgement don't always triumph over my impulsiveness. They rarely do, actually. Even with their powers combined. There's only one way that could possibly defeat my being a spendthrift. From the words of Dan, Julius and Chris, I have to be addicted to saving up.

How can I do that?

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Take part in this action for a Free Burma!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

[Philippines] About the Desperate Housewives Debacle

This post originally appeared on The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything.

Just when we had a positive citation of Filipinos in the international media scene, this nasty issue popped up:

#20 - Teri Hatcher insults Filipinos

So now of course the country is up in arms and an online petition has been started against both ABC and the producers of Desperate Housewives for the racial slur. The local blogosphere is pretty miffed about it as well - just check out some of the Filipino blogs you might already read and you can expect this to be mentioned within the week.

Why do we always get into these things? Before it was about being a country known for our maids - now they're claiming we have hack doctors too? Geez.

rOckY, Philippines