Wednesday, August 1, 2007

[Blogosphere] You Got Blogged Contest

This post originally appeared on The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything.

You Got Blogged

My friend Blogie has asked my help in promoting the You Got Blogged! Review-a-Blog contest hosted by and his own

The contest is pretty straight forward - write a review about any of the blogs found on the Mindanao Bloggers Directory in line with the standards documented in this post and you're eligible to win as much as $150! Seriously!

And while we're on the subject, stay tuned as well for the 1st Mindanano Bloggers Summit to be held in Davao City on October 27, 2007. This is a pretty tremendous undertaking for our friends in the south so if you're in the area or planning to be come October, we'd greatly appreciate if you extended your full support for making this event a success!


Prinsesa ng Kumintang said...

THERE GOES THE UNITED SEA BLOG. Andaming nag-apply chuchu ever, ang daming blog author kring kring, tapos eto? Shameless plugging??? Eto lang ang kaya nyo?

Mindanao Bloggers said...

@United SEA -- Thanks very much for this! We need all the promotion we can get. :)

@Prinsesa ng Kumintang -- I don't really know what you and this blog's authors have against each other, but I just want to say that this 'plug' is for a good cause, so I don't see why having this post is a problem. Let's keep it cool! :)

rOckY said...


well, the blog is about regional concerns and events and I saw no issue with supporting the efforts of our brethren in Mindanao to support the local blogging community.

then again, I suppose you can't please them all.

Anonymous said...

yo. nice

Anonymous said...

и всё эе: спасибо. а82ч

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